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Not all grooms who are getting ready for a wedding study wedding fashion trends with the same interest as women.
And yet, every year more and more men are ready to break the stereotypes of a classic black or navy blue wedding suit.

We support brave grooms.
The wedding is the day of both, so the groom should not be lost in the shadow of his chosen one.

To match your beauty, you need to study the trends, delve into the secrets of matching the colors of clothes and shoes, and understand what suits your appearance.

No matter how much we insist that the groom's clothes should be chosen by his height, figure, and style, we cannot fail to take into account the main fashion trends when it comes to clothes.

Wedding day style

Wedding day style

Traditionally, the suit is bought after the bride's dress, so that the combination is correct.
In terms of style, it is worth considering the classic or modern models of the suit, formal or informal, rich in decor or simple.
Depending on the style and preferences of the groom, the suit can consist of two or three parts.
As for the color, almost any suit will suit the bride's snow-white dress.
And in the case of a more milky shade, he should preferably choose a blue, gray, or brown suit.


If the groom works in a company where there is no strict dress code, then choosing a wedding suit without relevant experience is a more difficult task.
By the way, experienced stylists recommend wearing the suit for some time after purchase, so that you get used to the way it sits.

It can consist of two elements: a jacket and trousers. But the "three-piece suit" has not lost its relevance either.
It is no longer an old-fashioned solution, but on the contrary, one of the most modern. Its vest visually "stretches" the figure of the wearer, hides certain flaws, and makes his appearance more presentable, solemn, and strict.

It is also an opportunity for the groom to change the formal look to a simpler one by simply removing the waistcoat.
According to the rules, the cuffs of the shirt should protrude 1-2 cm from the sleeves of the suit.

The suit should not be fastened with all buttons. the bottom button must remain open even if there are only two buttons.

Three-piece suit


Skinny trousers will look good with a jacket with a modern cut.
The maximum length of narrow trousers is up to the top of the shoe.
And wide trousers should be longer, forming a single pleat in the front, reaching to the middle of the heel in the back.

Tailcoats are traditionally chosen pants with a stripe on the side.
In the case of a tuxedo, the pants must be of the same fabric as the tuxedo itself.
Belted trousers are not worn with a tuxedo.


The best choice for the groom is a white or other light-colored shirt (necessarily lighter than the jacket), the shade of which will match the bride's dress.
In general, the shirt should not be too loose, should not hang or fold, but at the same time should not prevent the wearer from moving.
If the groom plans to wear cufflinks, he should choose a shirt with double cuffs.
The shirt collar is also important, it should not be completely covered by a classic tie.


When choosing a tie, you should remember that according to the rules, it should be darker than the shirt, but lighter than the jacket.
Depending on the overall style, you can choose a classic tie or a bow tie.
When wearing a tie, the shirt collar should be high and stiff so that it does not lose its shape.
According to the rules of etiquette, the tied tie should reach the belt buckle of the trousers, but not cover it. If the groom plans to wear a vest, then the length is not so critical.
In addition, the bow tie should not be too small or large but should cover the corners of the shirt collar.

 Bow tie


Usually, a black suit goes best with black shoes. And gray and blue suits give complete freedom of choice. black, brown, and even purple shoes will go equally well with such suits.
But here the rules are not very strict. The main thing is that the shoes match the overall style and color of the outfit.
An exception is a tuxedo, which is traditionally combined with black patent leather or matte shoes.


Properly chosen accessories will help complete the image of the groom.

  • buckles
  • tie clip
  • handkerchief in a jacket pocket
  • trouser belt
  • watch or bracelet
  • a wedding ring

Let our tips help you create your wedding look. 
But we know that a confident man will decide to experiment and choose a different version.

Therefore, what suits you and emphasizes your appearance is your ideal wedding suit.
With love, Peri Bridals

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