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The wedding evening program is the reason for the mood of the guests and the newlyweds.

But doesn't it happen that some ideas confuse many people, like outdated contests and annoying announcements by the announcer?
They are not the most pleasant memories that can be left behind.

It's really difficult to find a different idea, so we have collected solutions for you.

We have researched and put together ideas to make your wedding day not only fun but also memorable.
We are sure that every couple will find an interesting option.

You can provide impressive entertainment for your guests in the following ways։

  1. A slide show or short film about a young couple
  2. Wedding flashmob
  3. A mini award ceremony where you can give interesting gifts to your parents, close friends, and everyone dear to you
  4. Karaoke
  5. Performance by popular singers or bands
  6. Stand-up show
  7. A program staged by waiters. That will be a great surprise for guests, especially when no one expects it
  8. A small concert with a favorite musical instrument
  9. Fun dance performance
  10. A soap bubble show

Impressive entertainment for guests

Active entertainment for wedding guests

  1. Team games with the bride and groom
  2. Dance to everyone's favorite hits
  3. Dance battles between bride and groom
  4. Dance master class by parents of bride and groom

Active entertainment for guests

Rest entertainment for wedding guests

  1. A cartoonist who will create portraits of the guests in a funny style
  2. Wine tasting
  3. A hidden photographer whose photos will be displayed at the end of the day and dedicated to the heroes
  4. A cocktail bar where guests can create their cocktails based on pre-made recipes and ingredients
  5. Sweet, cheese, fruit, tea, or dessert table
  6. Beauty corner, where those who wish can do interesting make-up or hairstyle in the style of the day

Rest entertainment for guests

Fun for kids

  1. Corner for showing cartoons for children: this can be one, basic selected cartoon for everyone
  2. Trampoline
  3. balloons
  4. Face painting
  5. A corner with books and art supplies

Fun for kids

The perfect ending to a wedding day

  1. Balloons in the wedding couple's favorite color are released by the guests and the couple together at the end of the day
  2. Fireworks have become a classic end to any holiday
  3. The bride and groom, and if desired, also the guests, write each other's wishes on a piece of paper and put them in a box, which is closed and kept, for example, with a promise to open it after 10 years

The perfect ending to a wedding day

We advise you not to end the evening too simple, and you should not delay that moment too much. Any conclusion should be prepared not only technically, but also emotionally.

No matter how you end your evening, the main thing is to remember that the end of the wedding is the beginning of a happy family life.

With love, Peri Bridals