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What can spoil your wedding, worry or annoy you, spoil your mood and deprive you of a happy smile?
Dozens of websites talk about many mistakes that should never be made in order not to spoil the wedding: it seems that any step can be fatal.

Everything is not so terrible, there are only a few errors that we have highlighted for you, and the rest are minor things that you don't even have to worry about.

1. Not involving the groom in the preparations

The reasons for this can be different: the loved one is busy, he does not want to be included in the process, or the bride wants to do as she wants.
The wedding is the first joint "project" of the couple, so it is important to organize it together.

2. Listening to someone else's opinion

Let's say right away that it's worth listening to other people's opinions, but filter the advice and think about what you and your fiance want. Everyone who gives advice has their own interests, but the wedding is yours alone.
So sometimes you have to say no, for example:

  • parents who want to invite strangers
  • friends who do not share your decisions
  • professionals who impose their opinion

Friends who do not share your decisions

3. Turning to friends instead of professionals

The main mistake brides make is to think that their friends can do well or at least cope with the work entrusted to them. Unfortunately, if your girlfriend is good at taking pictures of you on a walk, that doesn't mean she'll do the same professionally. Resist the temptation to save money this way, as almost everyone regrets this decision later.

4. Choosing a small size dress

Choosing a small size dress in the hope that it will make you look slimmer on your wedding day and not show off extra pounds is a lie.
Be afraid that the complete opposite can happen.

5. Forgetting that girlfriends have their own lives

Your best friends will be happy to help you with the preparations, but being too concerned about your problems alone can become a reason for arguments. Remember that friends have their own lives, other problems, and concerns, and taking away all their free time is inconsiderate, to say the least.

6. Not knowing the exact number of guests

Countless guests

There's nothing worse than having to invite someone a week before the wedding or asking a friend not to bring a family member because you forgot to include them on the list. You will never get rid of guilt for the rest of your life. So plan, get verbal confirmations from guests, and then send out the formal invitations.

7. Leaving little time to get ready in the morning

Even if you think 1 hour is enough for a stylist to give you the perfect wedding look, allow at least 2-3 hours in the morning to get ready.
You don't want to pass out and become internet famous, do you? Be sure to eat breakfast before the ceremony, at least a little.

8. Forgetting to take a picture with mom

Picture with mom

A common mistake because traditionally more attention is paid to photos of the bride with a happy father at a wedding.
It is one of the most important problems, and forgetting it is the biggest mistake.

9. Take a long break between the ceremony and the evening gathering

Planning a three-hour photo shoot after the ceremony is not a good idea. If you even take guests with you, most of them will be bored, and at the beginning of the banquet they will be tired, hungry and angry. Therefore, either reduce the shooting time to a maximum of one hour, or think about entertaining guests in your absence. Another option is to arrange a photo session before ceremony day.

To make your day easier, follow our tips and avoid these basic mistakes.

With love, Peri Bridals

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