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  • How to choose the right dress?
  • How to prepare?
  • Who to go with?
  • How not to give in to annoying advice?

When thinking about trying on a wedding dress, brides have many questions, each of which requires an answer. We understand this and tell you everything you need to know when going to a wedding salon.

When to start looking for the dress?

Start visiting salons 4 months before the wedding. This is not early: you already know something before the ceremony. And not late: if you need to make changes to the dress, there will be plenty of time to do so.

How to prepare for trying on wedding dresses?

  • Be clear about what you want. Read wedding blogs, get to know our blog too, and save photos of your favorite dresses. You may end up buying something completely different, but being prepared in advance cuts down on the time it takes to find it.
  • Set a budget for the dress. That way, you will know the maximum you are willing to pay and won't try the options you don't need.
  • Specify the location of the ceremony. Does the advice seem irrelevant? But this step is important. The choice of the dress depends on the venue. For example, for a wedding in nature, you can hardly choose a dress with a long skirt, which will collect soil and not only.
  • Book a visit. Find out if you need to register at the salon or pay for some services.
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How to apply makeup before visiting the salon?

Although you may have heard otherwise, you should still look good when trying on a dress. Trying it without makeup and with inappropriate hair, be prepared that the result of the mirror will disappoint you.
Light make-up is necessary, but it is better to avoid foundation and bright lipstick so that the fabric does not get dirty.

What to take when going to the salon?

When going to try on a wedding dress, bring 

  • the phone in which the photos of the preferred dresses is saved
  • hair up items, hair clips to see how dresses look with hair up and undone
  • heels and their height should be about the same as what you plan to wear to the wedding, so you will choose the right length of the outfit

Who to go with to try on a wedding dress?

Here it is important to choose the right person to go with.
You can take no more than one or two people with you: your mother, sister, good friend, or stylist. It is important that the escort or escorts really wish you well, do not criticize, and know your style, figure, and budget.
If you are sure of your opinion, then go to the salon alone, for many, this is the best option.

Rules for trying on a wedding dress

  • Some dresses look better worn than on the hanger. If the consultant persistently offers to try something on, most likely he doubts that this dress will suit you, so don't refuse, try it on.
  • Don't buy the first dress you like, but take your time and don't spend months looking for it.
  • Take a photo. mirrors can be deceiving.
  • Choose a size that suits you. You choose the dress to wear for a long time that day and the inconveniences can disturb you or even make you angry.
  • If you like a dress, but there is not and will not be the right size for you, remember a large size is better than a small size because it can be adjusted.
    And it would be better if you look for another option of the perfect size.

Wedding dress choice

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