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Brides usually pick up their wedding dress from the salon a few days before the wedding, and it is very important to keep it in excellent condition until that important day.

What is the complexity of wedding dress care?

As a rule, wedding dresses are white, and richly embroidered with stones, lace, and other decorative elements.
In addition, often the skirt of the dress is very voluminous, and the veil is with many folds, which makes it more difficult to take care of it.

Today we will share the main secrets of wedding dress care, which will allow you to keep it properly and without losing its splendor.

Care of wedding dress before the wedding

  • Pick up the dress from the salon as late as possible.
    Bridal salon professionals know exactly how to take care of it.
    Remember, you don't need to rush, take it early and face another problem before the wedding.
  • If you decide to keep the dress at home, don't hang it on its shoulders for too long. It is better to hang it from the special rings sewn inside the side seams or ask the consultants when taking it.
    Do not leave your wedding dress in direct sunlight for a long time, it can cause the fabric to fade.
  • If your wedding dress is a bit crumpled after storage or moving, try the process with a steam iron.
    We recommend ironing the dress at a low temperature and using a clean white cloth.
  • If you need to clean the dress urgently, do not hesitate to ask a specialist. They are the ones who will help in choosing the right and harmless remedy.

Care of wedding dress before the wedding

Care of wedding dress on the wedding day

  • Purchase or prepare a stain remover in advance that can quickly remove wine, food, or other stains from the dress.
    Test the material first on another piece to make sure it works.
  • Use makeup fixatives so as not to stain the dress.
    If you are being helped into the dress, ask anyone who touches it to wash their hands and remove rings, which can damage the decor of the dress.
    When fixing the make-up, we recommend covering the part of the dress with a cloth so that small traces of cosmetics do not remain on it.
  • It is better to remove the stains from the dress immediately after they appear because they will be much more difficult to remove later.
    Simply clean it gently with a damp cloth or pre-made cleaner.

Care of wedding dress on the wedding day

Care of wedding dress after the wedding

We do not recommend washing the wedding dress yourself.
It may discolor and lose its shape. In this case, it is necessary to use dry cleaning services.
Do not forget to bring to the attention of the specialist the embroidery of the dress, the type of fabric, and the presence of beads.

If you decide to keep the dress, don't forget to come back and clean it from time to time.
At first, loose spots may not be visible, but over time they will begin to appear and turn yellow.

Simple style dresses made of smooth fabrics can be hand washed. Wash in cold water and use detergent for delicate fabrics.
Remember not to wring the dress when drying it and do not hang it out in the sun to dry.

Care of wedding dress after the wedding

For the dress to look flawless, it must be properly maintained.
To do this, take a large box in which you can put the dress with minimal folding.
After each layer of fabric, put a thin paper and at the end also cover with white, light paper.

In this way, the dress can be kept for many years.
Just don't forget to take it out of the box at least every 2 years for washing and airing.

With love, Peri Bridals.

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