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Preparing for a wedding can take a year, or maybe a few weeks: it all depends on your ideas about the wedding.

We understand what's going on in your head right now. There's so much to do, but it's not clear what to start first and what to put off.

Should I make an appointment with a photographer sooner? Is it worth buying a wedding dress? When to invite the guests?

Well, you have found the answer.
So that you know where to start preparing and how to organize the wedding, we decided to help you and made an action plan starting six months before the wedding day.

Wedding planning

6 months before the wedding

Decide in which church you will be married
Apply to the registration office
Think about what stages the wedding day will consist of
Create a wedding budget
Consider where the ceremony will take place
Think about who you want to invite to the ceremony

5 months before the wedding

Think about the color scheme, and style of the wedding
Start looking for the dress and think about your complete wedding look
Choose a photographer, videographer, and presenter
Choose the restaurant, make an appointment, book your day and get to know the rest of the details.

4 months before the wedding

Consider wedding accessories
Think about the decor of the hall, and registration ceremony and start preparing them
Start planning your honeymoon
Make an appointment and discuss your wedding scenario with the presenter
Choose and book entertainment, music events

3 months before the wedding

Stage the wedding dance
Find makeup and hair stylists
Prepare the invitations
Shop for a suit, shirt, tie, and shoes for the groom
Prepare documents for your honeymoon։ check if you have valid passports and visas
Think wedding favors
Let the bridesmaids know about the wedding style part
Choose the wedding dress and book it

2 months before the wedding

If necessary, buy a fur coat or cloak that will keep you warm
Discuss the menu
Buy rings
Order cars (if needed)

1 month before the wedding

Book the hotel
Order the bouquet, wedding cake, and favors
Make a detailed plan for the wedding day
Discuss with the photographer the details of wedding photo locations, style
Think about the place of guests in the restaurant

2 weeks before the wedding

Make check calls to make sure everything is ready
Call the guests to confirm their final arrival
Buy prizes for guests

2 days before the wedding

Take all necessary supplies to the restaurant
Check that your wedding dress is in order, accessories are in place

On the eve of the wedding

Call all masters again
Prepare your suitcase for departure, and don't forget your passports
Prepare your passports and rings
Think about breakfast the next day - this is important. It is better to eat in the morning so that you do not faint.

We are sure that your wedding day will be wonderful.

Now you know where to start preparing for the wedding. We hope that you will calmly take the necessary steps and successfully go through all stages of the organization.

With love, Peri Bridals.

Wedding day