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Nowadays, white wedding dresses are considered to be classic. However, things were different many years ago.
A white wedding dress history started only in 1840, when Queen Victoria wore the one for her wedding ceremony.
Let's take a closer look at how wedding dresses have changed over the years.

Ancient wedding dresses
In ancient times, most weddings were more of an economic union than a union of two people in love. However, this did not stop the brides from choosing bright dresses as a sign of happiness in their marriage.
In ancient Rome, brides wore floor-length dresses that were wrapped around the waist with a belt.

Ancient wedding dresses

The history of wedding dresses in the Middle Ages
In the Middle Ages, marriages were a union of two families, businesses and even countries.  As a rule, a bride put on a dress, which her family considered to be the most appropriate to show their wealth and status.

The research of wedding dresses history of those times shows that medieval brides wore wedding dresses with rich color shades and expensive fabrics. Brides who couldn't afford to buy such dresses sewed outfits made of simpler, cheaper materials though tried to repeat the elegant styles. As to the colors, if we look at the medieval paintings, we will notice that red was one of the most popular colors among brides, perhaps because it symbolized fertility

Wedding dresses in the Middle Ages

The history of wedding dresses in the 16th-18th centuries
Wedding dresses of this period were also different. The brides usually wore in the manner, their social status allowed. The dresses of the girls of rich families were one of the most expensive materials. And the bride of an ordinary family usually did not buy a new dress, but simply wore the best she had. Moreover, the social status of the bride was demonstrated by the amount of material used for the dress. 

As for colors, in the 1500s blue was the most popular color of wedding dresses. In the 1600s, red became the most popular trend among brides. And in the 1700s, the most fashionable were the dresses in purple, pink and pastel colors.

Wedding dresses in the 16th-18th centuries

The legendary white dress of Queen Victoria
It is obvious that royal wedding dresses have been distinguished by their splendor and beauty throughout history. But there is one who changed everything.
In 1840, Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress  and set a new wedding tradition.

Of course, not everyone started wearing white at once, as few could afford such a dress. Even if white was preferred, it was usually a simple dress that could be worn in everyday life. The white dress was also a symbol of a well-to-do bride, as only the richest families could afford to buy it, as white was difficult to obtain and maintain.

White dress of Queen Victoria

The history of wedding dresses in the 20th and 21st centuries
During the Great Depression, the history of white wedding dresses seemed to be over. Because of the bad economic situation, the majority of brides couldn’t afford buying a gown they would never wear again. That's why they went back to the old traditions of wearing the best dress of whatever color it was.

The situation changed in the second half of the 20th century after the economic boom. White wedding dresses are back and have become part of the wedding tradition. The wedding gowns of Grace Kelly and Princess Diana were proof of that.  Simultaneously, the creative wedding dress history started. In the 1960-70s, the first mini wedding dresses and the wedding suits appeared.

Wedding dresses in the 20th and 21st centuries

To answer the question of how wedding dresses have changed, to say a lot is to say nothing.

Development and change certainly don’t stop and maybe, some time will pass and we will stop to consider white gowns to be the classic outfit for a wedding. Well, time will tell.

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