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The breath of autumn is already in the air.
Weddings are always impressive this month. The days and nights are cooler, the trees gradually acquire a golden hue.

Early autumn is still warm, beautiful, melancholy, and late autumn, although it gives reason to think, is beautiful in its way and special in its style.

Want to know the ins and outs of planning a wedding this time of year?

Autumn wedding colors

No problem if you prefer unusual combinations.
Feel free to choose brown, golden, and orange, and try to combine shades of wine and berries.

And if you want to give a more subtle style to the ceremony, then choose non-obvious color combinations, for example, light blue, like the sky in those months, and wheat ears.

Autumn wedding colors

Autumn wedding decors

Decorating at this time of the year is a pleasure because nature itself offers everything we need.
Start with flowers: decorate with fresh or dried flowers.
You can also decorate the area with tree branches, dry leaves, and cones, making the style more mysterious.

In autumn, the wedding falls during the harvest period, so think about the use of fruits in the decor and, why not, about more original options - vegetables. Try painting some of them with gold color. The result will be very beautiful.

Autumn bride

Elegant dresses with long sleeves, lace, and embroidery: this is the style of autumn wedding dresses.
Choose fabrics that are both light and warmer so you don't get cold.

The color of the dress depends on your taste: it can be classic white but combined with deep autumn shades.
Do not forget that the evenings are cold this month, so not only the dress but also the shoes should be nice but warm.

And the bride's autumn bouquet can boast both seasonal flowers and nature's gifts (cones, fruits, and berries). Look for flowers and plants that match the palette, from rich reds, and greens to deep purples.

Bride's autumn bouquet

Gifts for guests

An autumn wedding is an occasion to delight guests with pleasant or useful thematic gifts. Don't forget to decorate them nicely. Include an example of:

  • honey
  • apple jam
  • homemade cookies
  • good coffee
  • autumn spices
  • warm socks
  • candles with autumn smells (but remember that the smell is an individual problem, choose the most neutral)

Gifts for guests

The beauty and diversity of the autumn palette have a special charm and can always add brightness and originality to the wedding ceremony.

With love, Peri Bridals.