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Wedding traditions around the world vary by country and time.
In many cultures, customs have been preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

After all, most wedding ceremonies are rooted in tradition and involve a set of predetermined steps that have been done for years, if not centuries.

Whether you're incorporating traditions into your wedding, whether cultural, religious, or just for fun, they're a great way to honor your heritage and add beautiful meaning to the day.

Although they all represent the union of two people, there may be some that are unique and stand out from the rest.
These customs can connect your wedding to marriages that took place hundreds of years ago, or inspire generations to come.

Here are some interesting wedding traditions from around the world.


Rather than wearing hand jewelry, in India, it's traditional for the bride to spend hours getting mehndi, paint made from henna, intricately painted on her. While it requires a lot of patience, the results are a beautiful work of art that lasts roughly two weeks on the skin. 

Interestingly enough, mehndi is painted onto the bride for its medicinal properties. It's meant to help calm the bridge while dealing with the stress of the wedding day.

Mehndi in India


A superstitious nation when it comes to wedding ceremonies, Italians avoid getting married on a Tuesday or a Friday, which is believed to be the day evil spirits were created. May and August are also off the calendar.

Wedding traditions in Italy include surprising the bride with the groom serenading the bride-to-be at her window the night before.

Serenad in Italy


During the ceremony, when Mexican couples say their vows, a "Lazo" made of beads and flowers is wrapped around their shoulders.

"Lazo" represents the love and union of the couple, and its shape resembles the symbol of infinity, which is a sign of long-lasting unity.

Wedding in Mexico


You can't smile here on the wedding day.
While most marriages in other countries are full of excitement and anticipation, Congolese couples have to keep their happiness in check.

Throughout their wedding day, from the ceremony to the reception, both are forbidden from smiling.
If they smile, it means they are not serious about marriage.

Wedding in Congo


In Germany, couples are given a large log and a saw on their wedding day.
By sawing the log together, they are believed to prove their ability to work together to overcome tough obstacles.

Wedding in Germany

No weddings or couples are the same, and whatever you decide to do, remember that as you choose each tradition, you can apply it in your way, making it your own.

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